Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a "Small Party Tour" and an "Exclusive Private Tour"?

In a “small party tour” you will be with a group of other travelers and a single tour guide. In the “exclusive private tour”, no one else will join your tour and you’ll have your own tour guide and/or private car.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can always cancel you tour. The following cancellation fee are applied, depending on the notice:

Small party tours:

• At least 7 days in advance of scheduled departure: No cancellation fee.
• Between 3-6 days in advance of scheduled departure: 50% of tour price per person.
• Within 2 days of scheduled departure: 80% of tour price per person.

Exclusive private tours:

• At least 7 days in advance of scheduled departure: No cancellation fee.
• Between 3-6 days in advance of scheduled departure: 50% of total tour price.
• Within 2 days of scheduled departure: 80% of total tour price.

Please note: no-show 100% charge

Do you have special prices for children?

Yes, we do. You can find them in the booking pages, labeled as “Child” or “Kids” tickets.

Please note that the availability and the amount of discounted children tickets depend on the chosen tour. See the detailed prices in the booking pages.

Is your website safe for online payments?

Sure. Every transaction made on our website is protected and safe.

Should I call you to confirm online reservation?

There’s no need to call us to confirm your reservation if you successfully booked your tour on our website and you received a confirmation e-mail.

Do I need a printed copy of my reservation to join the tour?

It is always best to have a printed copy of your confirmation e-mail, but it is not mandatory.

Our driver will pick you up at your hotel (or at the address you selected) so he will already have your name and references.

What languages are the tours in?
Small party tours are available only in English. Private tours can be in English, French, Spanish, Russian and German.
What happens if I’m not ready for the pick-up?

We ask all guests to be ready for the pick-up at the scheduled time. If you think you can’t make it in time, please call the number that you can find in the confirmation e-mail or in the “Contact” pages of our website.

Please note that missed tour cannot be rearranged or refunded.

Should I book my tour in advance?

Most of our tours sell really fast: if you want to be sure to find place, we recommend you to book as soon as possible.

Remember that you can check the availability in every moment on our website.

Is it possible to make a last-minute booking?

Sure! Last-minute bookings are available for most of our tours: you can find more information in each tour description.

You can check if there is space left in the tour on the booking page. If everything is sold-out, try to give us a call: we will do our best to find you a place!

Is the tip to my guide and driver included?

No, the tour price doesn’t include gratuities. However, if you are pleased with the service, you can thank our drivers, guides or assistants with a customary tip around 10-15% of the tour price.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments on our website should be make by credit card at the time of reservation. We assure to our customers the highest level of security and protection.


Can I join a tour on wheelchair?

Unfortunately, not all the tours are available to wheelchairs. We cannot accomodate wheelchairs on our small party tours, because most museums and sites have a separate route for wheelchair which is forbidden to those not in wheelchairs.

For most of  our tour, we can arrange wheelchair users on private tours: please contact us via phone or via e-mail for further information.

Are children strollers allowed on every tour?

Unfortunately, not every tour are accessible with strollers, as some museums or touristic site don’t allow to bring them inside.

Please contact us via phone or via e-mail if you are travelling with children needing strollers.

The tour is confirmed even when it's raining?

Sure, bad weather doesn’t stop our tours! Just remember not to bring a big umbrella with you, as some sites or museums do not allow them inside.

In the rare event of closures due to particularly hostile weather (for example, of Colosseum in case of flooding) we will reschedule your tour or find an alternative one.

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